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DNS Hosting services FAQ

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What is DNS?
DNS stands for Domain Name Service. DNS is an Internet Standard for resolving the names of individual machines into IP addresses and vice versa. This resolution is performed by machines called name servers, and these name servers turn things like the names of web and mail servers into IP addresses.

Do I need DNS?
The Internet functions using IP addresses, not names, so a name server is necessary if you are going to use a website or mail server. Not everyone needs DNS. If the machine in question is not supposed to be found on the internet, a good way to hide it is to NOT provide DNS for it. It doesn't stop people from connecting to the IP address, but it does make it harder to find the machine.

Is DNS the same thing as a Domain or a Domain Name like "my-company. COM" ?
Not quite. DNS is a service, not an object. DNS is the process of turning the name you register into an IP address so that humans can remember the name, and the computers, which use numbers, can translate the name the humans understand into the numbers they understand.

Why doesn't everyone have a website?
Answers to this question range from "My business is to SMALL to justify an Internet website", "the costs of an Internet website are too high" or "I don't know or care". Others, however, have created a world wide presence without regard to ROI, believing that if they are not on the net they will be left behind.
The Sircon Technologies specializes in small to medium sized business owners website development and can personalize and tailor the level of service and effort required based on business size. The resultant development and ongoing costs are always consistent with the business plan and we may agree that the website cost is high and suggest alternative website approaches.The ultimate decision resides with the business.

Who is qualified to help me create my website?
Choose your web development partner carefully. There are many firms today who offer to create and hang web pages for a nominal fee.But eventually you'll want to revise, expand or otherwise enhance you web site. When you're ready to go to the next level, are these firm equipped to take you there?
Putting up your web site requires a certain set of skills, while developing rich content for your site involves a different type of expertise altogether. Promoting your web site demands yet another distinct skill set. We provide the framework, as well as the content and ongoing support required to assist you along the way.

Who is the Web Design Studio?
The Sircon Technologies is a small business focused on providing Internet Consulting Services, Website design, eCommerce solutions, Intranet applications design and implementations and ongoing maintenance efforts for the small to medium sized business community.

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